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Title: Waltz of the Moon, Chapter 01
Fandom: Original
Warnings: Angst, Humor, Minor Character Death (applies to whole fic). Overall PG-13 rating.

-Written for [ profile] runebearer's contest.
-Chapter titles come from the song "Waltz of the Moon" by Yoko Kanno.

White or black as I depart beyond you, with the hope to change destiny. )
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Title: No Reason Why
Fandom: Original, LoNyss
Warnings: Implied Slash

-A somewhat depressing AU fic.
-Partly written for the 'Latt' contest. Prompt was 'How does it feel to know I still want you?'.

'It was you all along.' )
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Title: Forgotten
Fandom: None, Original
Warnings: Rambling.

-Written for the 'Stream of Consciousness' contest.
-Prompt: write about the word 'minute'. End it with a single word.

After all, when comparing humans to the grand universe of planets and moons and stars and suns, how big are humans, really? )
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Title: Just Like Old Times
Fandom: None, Original.
Notes: Slashy overtones.

This has not been proof-read at all. Sorry about that. >< Also, it'll probably get edited a lot.

'People don't just believe because they are told to.' He quirked a grin. 'At least, sensible people don't.' )
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Title: Broken Patterns
Fandom: Original, LoNyss
Warnings: None.

I know, I know, sucky title. =_=

A soft smile, a long kiss, and he was gone. )
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This meme speaks truth. *nods sagely* Really. XD;;

List of funny trivia on entering a list of character names. Not everyone had something funny but...XD

Total crack be here. )
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- Song's Contest - in progress, 300+ words.
- VonLied's Contest - submitted.
- Sunny's Contest - in limbo.
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Title: One Hour
Warnings: Deathfic, dark.

Almost a companion fic to the other deathfic thingy b/c apparently I can't kill one of and then leave the other untouched. :X;;

Hands, feet, arms, legs and torso, unguarded, covered only in a single layer of the simplest cotton. Black, of course. The day certainly called for that. )
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