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Title: Waltz of the Moon, Chapter 01
Fandom: Original
Warnings: Angst, Humor, Minor Character Death (applies to whole fic). Overall PG-13 rating.

-Written for [ profile] runebearer's contest.
-Chapter titles come from the song "Waltz of the Moon" by Yoko Kanno.

White or black as I depart beyond you, with the hope to change destiny. )
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Title: No Reason Why
Fandom: Original, LoNyss
Warnings: Implied Slash

-A somewhat depressing AU fic.
-Partly written for the 'Latt' contest. Prompt was 'How does it feel to know I still want you?'.

'It was you all along.' )
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Title: Forgotten
Fandom: None, Original
Warnings: Rambling.

-Written for the 'Stream of Consciousness' contest.
-Prompt: write about the word 'minute'. End it with a single word.

After all, when comparing humans to the grand universe of planets and moons and stars and suns, how big are humans, really? )
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Title: Just Like Old Times
Fandom: None, Original.
Notes: Slashy overtones.

This has not been proof-read at all. Sorry about that. >< Also, it'll probably get edited a lot.

'People don't just believe because they are told to.' He quirked a grin. 'At least, sensible people don't.' )
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Title: Broken Patterns
Fandom: Original, LoNyss
Warnings: None.

I know, I know, sucky title. =_=

A soft smile, a long kiss, and he was gone. )
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Title: One Hour
Warnings: Deathfic, dark.

Almost a companion fic to the other deathfic thingy b/c apparently I can't kill one of and then leave the other untouched. :X;;

Hands, feet, arms, legs and torso, unguarded, covered only in a single layer of the simplest cotton. Black, of course. The day certainly called for that. )
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Title: Four Reasons Why Mages Should Not Come Along To Rob
Warnings: ...lame humor? ^^;;

This is at least 50% [ profile] alvarre's fault. :X The fic wanted to be written, and someone needed something to drive away boredom. xD *hearts*


'Are you done yet?!' 'Not yet...' )
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B/c I couldn't use the name 'Loki' on Dark Risings.

Not very happy with the middle part of this but don't feel like editing. >.>

'You don't remember anything?' )
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Long title for a very short fic. :X LoNyss, lots of light fluffy waff and uhh...yeah. Totally work-safe too! *watches people gasp*

Unedited, unbeta-d, etc.

Title: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Maybe Nyssius would like him to change the way he looked completely until he looked like an annoyed mage with long robes that reveal nothing, with straps at the back that are annoying to untie and a very sexy- alright, he was getting off-track. )
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