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[ profile] lunavael, this has a class called "dilettante"....XDDDDD <3

Will check it more after I get home. :D
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So amused. XD They have more issues than CoM!

Ok, others that seem okay so far: <-- this one is just cute. that's why it's here. XD <-- still have to check out. <-- not up yet, but looks promising.
mdseiran: (Default) <-- Like this one. <-- mix of MUD and MUSH, but input lines are rumored to be 2 lines. <-- not sure about this one. <-- site is purty. D&D based apparently? <-- this one:

"Noble Ends is not a nice game for nice people. It is explicitly a game to explore the basest ruthlessness to which people can sink. Therefore, participation in this game constitutes consent to whichever In Character events may befall your character." <-- not much of a playerbase. <-- HUGE playerbase.
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Possible MUSH links to check when I get home: Down Looks promising

Incidently, why do most searches all give the same links? sob
-Games of Intrigue, page 2 Link dead
-Empires of Magic Website is weird and can't connect through telnet
-Osaeron MUSH, page 3
Link dead
-SpheresMUX Can't access
-Stormy Nights ?? *blank* something about pictures and 18 yrs of age when they were taken, and not to enter unless I wasn't a I didn't check.
-Tandoria Link could be broken
-Blue Facial Too complicated
-Kindred Spirits Promising
-The Gathering
-Betterbox MUDlist
-Castle of Exiles Think I checked this before


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