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Title: Waltz of the Moon, Chapter 01
Fandom: Original
Warnings: Angst, Humor, Minor Character Death (applies to whole fic). Overall PG-13 rating.

-Written for [ profile] runebearer's contest.
-Chapter titles come from the song "Waltz of the Moon" by Yoko Kanno.

White or black as I depart beyond you, with the hope to change destiny. )
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Well, last one...thanks for all the fun guys. Whether you decide to leave or stay, take care, and stay in touch. <3

Mikke's logs will be made public. The last log of the Aschal Last Bash to be put up whenever I get to editing.

Last Batch )

Deletion story is here. Slightly inaccurate but will have to do.

Sometimes some people get me wrong
When it's something I've said or done
Sometimes you feel there is no fun
That's why you turn and run
But now I truly realise
Some people don't wanna compromise
Well I saw them with my own eyes spreading those lies
And well I don't wanna live my life too many sleepless nights
Not mentioning the fights I'm sorry to say lady



ikke Alcuin, Mischievous Enchantress...


I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away

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This should cover everything. Guess it was pointless to even do this but I was in a morbid enough mood to actually finish it. I know it's a bit rushed at the end, but well...*shrugs*

This...was actually supposed to be funny. The whole deletion was supposed to be. I hope it still is, sort of.

A Place So Different )
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It was a normal day of enchanting, until...

Characters: Sorbitor, Sonora, Sivor (omg so many S's), Mikke.

Mik wasn't raised right! Girls raised to become evil and mischievous do not get offered...this! )
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And making this at least a bit humorous, for me, was better than the alternative...

Besides I wanted to beat someone up and I had a ready target in Ty with Mik as my weapon...? ._.

Characters: Tylendel, Mikke.

Umm, massive temper tantrum... )
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Characters: Tylendel, Cerise, Kateri, Mikke, Siercyn, Hendrig, Haden.

You say to Cerise in common, brightly, 'What does 'boyfriend' mean?' )
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Very old log. Mikke meets Breiden. Instant fireworks. XD

Btw, editing this was a PAIN. ;_; ........aaaaand I just noticed the big spaces. Not fixing. T_T




DAMMIT! SOB *fixes*

a red-haired human says to Tylendel in common 'Tell me, are you aware of the effects of alcohol on a person's memory?' )
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Characters: Sonora, Mikke, siriyu with uneven hair (who I suspect is...Caym? Yeniel? *just cries*

Part of this was cut off b/c my electricity got cut off, but I was told the siriyu cackled insanely after I got d/c and umm, left. I sent up a question to ask what I missed and no answer so...*sobs*

[edit] Thanks to [ profile] annasibs for the rest of the log.

Read more... )
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Characters: Siercyn, Mikke, Yasi, Tylendel.

Editing this hurt sob. >.> Siercy, you'll be sooooo missed. T___T

Read more... )
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Yes, I'm on a roll today. XD I present to you, log no. 4! This one's from a while back. :D

Characters: Mikke, Tylendel, Yasi, Breiden.

Winner of the kthnxbye ending award obviously goes to Brei *SAGE* )
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