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First of all:


*GLOMPS [ profile] caillen* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

That's the original I used for the new layout. *beambeam*

[MUD] Notes

Jun. 7th, 2005 01:13 pm
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Note 1:
A very belated farewell to Mae Ervalyn Dal'Seray. All logs involving her are now made public.

Note 2:
Keth is to be deletedidled this weekend. Read: coming saturday or sunday. Eq is up for grabs if you're going to use it. Any rp that's left, he will not be available after that.

Note 3:
For those who want to read R-rated logs (smut and such) leave me a comment and I'll add you to the filter.

Note 4:
Keth's logs will NOT be made public after he gets deletedidled. The reason being that he is the most complex character I've ever played, and I'm extremely proud of him. Hence I will respect his privacy and not unlock his posts so he can be mocked by whoever dislikes him. And yes I know that sounds silly.

Think that's it.
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Ok going to fawn a bit.

1. Shops. OMG. Gorgeous. I love. They even have a costume shop. The short descs need a bit of work but STILL. *goes all starry-eyed*
2. Staff and people are all so nice. Don't mind answering questions. Actually LISTEN. It's gone through hard times but instead of getting worse it got better. Something to admire.
3. Same commands as CoM, so not much to get used to.
4. ANSI. PICTURES. OMG. They have like, colored pictures along with the room desc. Like at the waterfall, there was a picture of one. When you're in the city there will be buildings. LOVE so much.
5. No corpse hunting!!! When you die, a bag with your belonings lands in your inv automatically.
6. Rules. So...clear and nice and relaxing. I like the fact there's not much imm involvement, ICly. And OOCly they seem to do a good job.
7. Levelling is so easy, it's amazing. Started out with thief and although some skills make me pause for a bit, it's all relatively clear.

And this is only in Murkwood mind.

Some of the negative things would be:

1. RP enforced but a lot of people come for the quests. I don't mind this so much b/c if people start rping others are bound to join in.
2. No maps. T_T
3. There are some twinks. But you have that everywhere.

Basically, I really like this one. *wibbles at it*

[edit] Also, you get rpxp when rping, which you can exchange for hand-tying ribbons instead of engagement rings and marriage certificate.
[edit2] They have wedding dresses. Of course I don't have to explain why that's so critical. *sage**SHOT*

The certificate costs 2000 rpxp...but you know, by the time you rp out the engagement, the engagement party, wedding preparations and the wedding itself you'll prolly have that already...XD
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OMG. *SOB* Never again. XD


[edit2] Ooohkay, fixed I think...SOB HARD.

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Key )

Top floor later.


Jun. 2nd, 2005 04:59 pm
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Umm, asked about stuff. First part a bit hazy but there are answers at least. ^^; <-- link!

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mdseiran: (Default) sounding WAH. <3

Link again:
To connect: port 1701

I drool over the posibilities...*-* )

It has basically everything CoM doesn't have that I was looking for...also, they have *cough*birth control pills*cough* XD. *wonders if they have condoms sob*
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So amused. XD They have more issues than CoM!

Ok, others that seem okay so far: <-- this one is just cute. that's why it's here. XD <-- still have to check out. <-- not up yet, but looks promising.
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Everyone, pls check this out:

This is:

-an rp-enforced MUD, so it has hack-n-slash.
-no limit to emote lines
-character migration ALLOWED. as in, you can go there and say, "hi, I sailed in from lalaland". however, don't use time rifts or anything like that.
-very nice rules. staff don't have l33t IC powers but are normal players. rules apply to them same as anyone else.
-the people seem nice too.
-says, whispers, emoted says?

Umm, it's looking really good so far...battles are coded. :D
mdseiran: (Default) <-- Like this one. <-- mix of MUD and MUSH, but input lines are rumored to be 2 lines. <-- not sure about this one. <-- site is purty. D&D based apparently? <-- this one:

"Noble Ends is not a nice game for nice people. It is explicitly a game to explore the basest ruthlessness to which people can sink. Therefore, participation in this game constitutes consent to whichever In Character events may befall your character." <-- not much of a playerbase. <-- HUGE playerbase.
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For those interested?

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They seem pretty nice, and at least their rules are decent. Will have to ask Wolf about migration I guess.
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Possible MUSH links to check when I get home: Down Looks promising

Incidently, why do most searches all give the same links? sob
-Games of Intrigue, page 2 Link dead
-Empires of Magic Website is weird and can't connect through telnet
-Osaeron MUSH, page 3
Link dead
-SpheresMUX Can't access
-Stormy Nights ?? *blank* something about pictures and 18 yrs of age when they were taken, and not to enter unless I wasn't a I didn't check.
-Tandoria Link could be broken
-Blue Facial Too complicated
-Kindred Spirits Promising
-The Gathering
-Betterbox MUDlist
-Castle of Exiles Think I checked this before


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