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I know there are a few CoM staffers lurking (stalking?) ljs. I'm sure you've seen this already, but click anyway.

Please note the following parts:

We, as players, all know that if a significant number of players remain unhappy with the changes even after an adjustment period, it _will_ be changed again. Perhaps not to what it was before, but there _will_ be a compromise of sorts. I wonder, will the same happen for the Cities of M'Dhoria?


Prominent features and players are like a landmark, if you will. The rest of us may be low-profile, but we're used to seeing them there. I don't for a moment think that it is only those who have expressed their dissatisfaction, and made it clear that they were leaving who have left. How many of the quieter ones have gone too, without saying a word?


For me, the main thing that holds me to a game are the old familiar faces; the ones who befriended me when I was new, the ones who made my experience so enjoyable that I decided to stay, the ones who support and help me no matter what, and yes, the ones who make my life there "interesting" (difficult), so to speak. But every time I turn around, there is a face missing from the masses around me. New faces appear, but it is, for the most part, a crowd of strangers.


And this accuracy from a complete stranger who has never tried it. It's sad, isn't it?

That's all.

PS. Using only socials and says in RP that lasts for more than a few minutes isn't roleplaying really. A 5 year old could do that.

PSS. All that hugging and kissing and teapartying in the square you staff seem to do lately...there's a name for that you know. What was it again...? That's on the tip of my tongue, really!

Oh yeah. I remember. Pokemonish RP.


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