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I refuse to be killed over any part of this. It's is unbeta'd, so. (there should be a 'bite me' after that. :X)

Title: Hero
CoM AU. Set several years into the future.

The person had stopped after the ogre fell to the ground and stopped twitching, tipping his head slightly towards both of them, and Kev had beamed back at him although he didn't seem to notice. )

sob *kicks Kev away* Need to write more Astri. :3
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Just....don't ask. T_T Idea scared me a lot b/c umm....I was afraid I'd start considering this canon?

This is one of those after midni- oh, you got used to this line already? Right then, moving on.


'I lied.' )

*curls up and whimpers* T_T
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......don't ask. >.< It's 3:40 am, so just....don't ask. Really.

Songfic, song used is Blurry by Puddle of Mudd. This takes place after the end of the obsession pin arc.

Unbeta-ed. Probably makes no sense (3:40 am!). Umm...I flee?

He had been...'cured'. That word left a bitter aftertaste in his mouth. Ill...a mental illness, unstable...delusional...weak, so damn weak, he could've been killed at any second! )

omg just shoot me. T_T And my plot bunnies, please. T_________________________T
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This is goodbye...below is a list of quotes from the logs I've collected. A tribute to Kethis.

Thanks to everyone who has made it so much fun to play him. [ profile] torminallybored, I am so, so grateful you gave me the chance to be the bratty hedgehog. <3

Bury The Past... )

Another day goes without any change
The feeling we live with still remains
We're stuck in a hole and we're searching for anything to hold onto
There has to be somewhere that we can be safe
From the lives we live each day
There has to be somewhere that we can be far away...



       Dunaedin Kael'Rik, Knight and Lu'taen of the Royal Special Forces...
       Kieran X'tilantzel...
       Emerylle X'tilantzel...
       Kethis Thayne...


We have to escape and I will go anywhere,
If you just lead the way
Escape to a place where we'll be together,
Together everyday
We have to escape....

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I have the feeling this is going to be a series of short tidbits, and many more will be making an appearance...

*idly wonders what on earth she started* xD;;;

Title: The Education of a Youngster
CoM AU. Set some time in the future.


Under usual circumstances he would kiss her and distract her till she forgot whatever she'd found out, but this time the stare was accompanied by that other Look, and he felt like stepping back and running, fast and far. )


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